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What every CEO in the manufacturing industry should know about Sales today


August 10, 2020

“We are very straight forward because that’s the way things work in the manufacturing industry. I know what my clients want, and since I have a great product to solve their problem, I’ll only need to figure out where my ideal prospects are to make the sale.”, said one of our clients, who is a leading company in the medical industry. His international business sells top-notch products in his field and has been very profitable until the COVID-19 crisis began. Since he could no longer reach prospects face to face, he decided to check online channels to engage and offer his products.

The problem is he wants to sell online with the same “trade shows approach,” and that just won’t work. No matter how he chooses to get his leads, by social media campaigns or big data smart solutions, at first – they will be cold as ice. There is no agent, no trade show platform, or a colleague referral to connect and establish a common interest between him and his potential client. And that’s why we told him that he has to apply the M-word in the game:


Yes, you know what that means. It’s NOT about showing your prospects how great your product or service is, but rather create value for your clients by helping them solve problems or achieve their desires. Remember – you know what your clients want! And that means that you surely have some valuable knowledge that you can offer them to establish the connection and common interest.

So don’t be afraid to make your first steps in this new world of value. When targeting the right audience becomes so easy, you only need to change the approach to a “teach – solve problems” approach. You’ll then get through your prospects’ defense walls in the same way you did when you could shake hands with them, just a few months ago.

And if you need help with finding the right audience – you know where to find us. We’re just one email away from you 🙂

The Swathly team

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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